Building Your Own Listening Room – How to Maximize Your Investment


There are a few things to consider when setting up your own Listening Room. It is critical to create an environment which reflects what the artists and entertainers would like for you to experience. You should balance your system depending on your preferences. Do you enjoy the solemnity of a Vivalidi concert at the end of a long day? On the weekend do you appreciate the fan experience of a good football game with good friends in the comfort of your home? Would you rather enjoy a blockbuster movie without the sticky floors and crowd? More and more consumers are building up their home systems and enjoying the advancements in high fidelity sound and the home theater experience.

Entertainment does take on various dynamics and most listening rooms serve more than one purpose. Even a music stage must consider various genres. Clearly, Vivaldi has a different journey for the listener, detailing the sound stage and the placements of instruments so that the listener can close their eyes and be a part of the performance. Sports enthusiasts are more engaged with the ultimate “fan experience” at home. You can hear the players on the field, swap to another game or view several games at the same time. The home theater has gained tremendous popularity. You can engage in the movie in ways not capable before and recent technological advancements make it affordable. With the advancements in technology, you can experience it all in your own home.

Finding the right solution for your investment takes time and research. There are many elements to evaluate. From speakers, components, wiring, projectors, screens and seating ---

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Dennis Clark